Custom PPC Services

Personalized services focused on delivering measurable growth on Google, Facebook, and other ad platforms.

Checkmark Over 9 years of experience with PPC

Checkmark Worked on Microsoft’s Google Ads accounts

Checkmark Ex-CEO of ad agency KOYA

Checkmark Helped grow over 80 businesses

Checkmark Certified Google Partner

LP Custom PPC Services


Offered as both a one-off service, and as a part of my ongoing management package, my audits provide a comprehensive assessment of your PPC campaigns with actionable recommendations and overlooked opportunities.



Optimization isn’t a one-time task but an ongoing commitment to ensure your ads perform at their best. This includes weekly campaign optimizations, targeting refinement, wasted spend reduction, and month-on-month improvement in results.

Keyword research


I dive deep into your business, industry, and competitors to pinpoint the right keywords. This ensures your ads appear exactly where they should, capturing the attention of potential customers actively looking for what you offer.



I craft ad copy that speaks to your audience. Every headline, description, and call-to-action is designed to resonate and drive action.

Custom reports


I provide insights tailored to your campaigns. These reports don’t just show plain numbers; they deliver clear insights and recommendations, guiding your next steps for optimized campaign performance.

A B testing


I find the most impactful growth opportunities and A/B test them to deliver statistically-valid results that help refine your campaigns and maximize your results.

Ad design


I offer a full package of ad design services, including brief preparation, quality control, and ad creation (in partnership with my trusted ad designers). Having over 5 years of experience in such work, I know how to create the most effective ad designs in the most efficient and cost-effective ways. (I don’t work with “unlimited design” platforms such as Design Pickle or Penji; only personally verified ad designers and 1-on-1 partnerships)

conversion tracking


I take care of tracking setups, ensuring necessary testing and result deduplication for accurate monitoring. I’m experienced with Google Analytics, PiWik, Google Tag Manager, as well as most web platforms (including WordPress, Webflow and Shopify)


Custom PPC for e-commerce brands ecommerce ppc

From initial research and strategy formulation to execution and ongoing refinement, I ensure your campaigns get the best results.

Checkmark Full campaign setup and monthly management across Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Pinterest Ads

Checkmark Product feed management and optimization

Checkmark Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) consultations

Checkmark Tailored reporting to help you make data-driven decisions

Checkmark A/B testing

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When it comes to e-commerce, a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t cut it. Here’s a detailed insight into what my specialized services entail for brands that are keen on improving their e-commerce results

Full Campaign Setup and Monthly Management: 

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to revamp your current campaigns, I’ll help lay a strong foundation. From keyword research and audience segmentation to ad creatives, every aspect is meticulously planned. Once set up, ongoing management ensures your campaigns stay relevant, optimized, and ahead of the competition. Leveraging platforms such as Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Pinterest Ads, I ensure maximum visibility and reach for your products.


I craft ad copy that speaks to your audience. Every headline, description, and call-to-action is designed to resonate and drive action.

Product Feed Management and Optimization: 

A well-optimized product feed is crucial for e-commerce brands. It ensures your products are showcased accurately across platforms. I’ll manage and refine your feed, ensuring titles, images, and descriptions are not just accurate but also optimized for Commerce managers (i.e. Google Merchant Center). This process makes your products more discoverable and enticing to potential customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Consultation: 

Traffic is only half the battle. Turning that traffic into paying customers is where the real challenge lies. Through CRO consultation, I’ll help you identify and implement strategies to increase the percentage of website visitors who take desired actions, be it optimizing your checkout or improving your average order value.

Tailored Reporting: 

With tailored reporting, you won’t just get generic numbers; you’ll receive insights specific to your brand’s goals and KPIs. From user behavior, and conversion funnels to ad performance, every report is designed to provide actionable insights that drive growth.

A/B Testing: 

I ensure your campaigns stay relevant and effective by A/B testing various hypotheses, refining your campaigns (and sharing my insights with you).

Custom Audits: 

Custom audits play a dual role in the PPC services I offer, serving as both an initial assessment tool and an ongoing evaluative measure. These audits incorporate everything from the relevance of keywords to the effectiveness of landing pages, ensuring strategies align with objectives.

Ad Design: 

I work with my trusted designers to design ads that not only reflect your brand but also stop the scroll and get results.

LP Custom PPC Services Ecommerce

Over the past 9 years, I’ve guided more than 80 clients to discover profitable online ad strategies, paving the way for exponential growth. Beyond just ads, my commitment is understanding your business inside out, keeping communication lines open, and ensuring your ads not only look good but also perform exceptionally.



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Swish Dental

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3D Aim Trainer

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“A vital asset to our marketing strategy”

His flexibility and responsiveness allow us to adjust strategy throughout the month and his creativity with different platforms and content and have helped us achieve and often exceed our business goals.

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Brittany Hackett

Marketing manager, Swish Dental
“A trustworthy partner”

We were looking for a trustworthy partner who had expertise and experience in managing Google Ads campaigns with a focus on performance and profitability. They managed to deliver on this requirement and together we efficiently improved our user generation quality and quantity.

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Iliyan Velkov

User Acquisition Manager, 3D Aim Trainer
“Went above and beyond”

Art went above and beyond to understand what I was looking for and then to build out a new campaign which was much better optimised than what I had before.

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Adam Sayner

CEO, GroCycle