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Art Zabalov is a digital marketing expert who specializes in maximizing PPC results. He has 9 years of marketing experience and has worked in various roles, including head of marketing at startups, PPC team lead responsible for Microsoft's and Amway's campaigns in Poland, owner of a boutique PPC agency KOYA, and as an independent PPC consultant. He loves coffee and traveling (and has recently embarked on a 7-month trip around Asia), and hates wasted ad spend.
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Art studied International Business and Management at Hanze University in the Netherlands and then, for a brief while, changed focus to Logistics, obtaining a B.A. at MWSLiT in Poland.

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Starting in the tech startup sector, he began his journey at Customericare (later renamed to ChatPirate), working on inbound marketing. Here, he managed Google Ads, and handled content marketing. Later, as a Head of Product Marketing at Med-Advice Online, he was involved in marketing for their dietary platform, FitQuickly, handling product development as well as copywriting, social media marketing, content marketing, and paid acquisition on Facebook and AdWords.

His involvement in PPC further extended with his stint at iProspect, where he was responsible for the performance marketing of Microsoft's and Amway's campaigns in Poland.

His expertise in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing became more pronounced with his role as the founder of a boutique PPC marketing agency KOYA PPC, launched in 2016. In this position, he and his team developed campaigns for international clients across platforms like Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Currently, he focuses his time on Art Does Ads, as an independent PPC consultant, working with business owners in need of an external expert to audit/guide existing PPC efforts and strategy and providing full-service PPC efforts from copywriting to design, landing pages, and even assisting with content asset creation.

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